Krupuk with Sup Untok Hari Ini

Soup of the Day served with Giant Javanese Prawn Crackers

Followed by:

Satay Ayam/Sayur with Gado-Gado

The Famous Marinated Char-grilled Delicacy of the Far East, Chicken or Vegetarian Satay served with a Vegetable Selection and topped with Peanut Sauce.

Followed by:

The Main Course Hot Buffet

We invite our customers to help themselves from our delightful hot buffet table of 9 different dishes, which are all clearly labelled and described on the buffet table itself. We suggest you sample a combination of items, and then return to the table to try some others.

A sample menu of the Buffet consists of:

Daging TiramBeef cooked in Oyster sauce with ginger & green peppers
Ayam KariBoneless breast of Chicken in a distinctive Malaysian style curry sauce
Sambal UdangKing Prawns cooked in a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce with just a hint of coconut
Sajur ChampurStir-fry of crispy fresh mixed vegetables
Kachang KudaChick peas in a delicate curry sauce
Mee GorengSoft Noodles stir-fried with vegetables
Nasi PutihPlain boiled Rice
Indo SaladCrunchy salad in a light dressing
KeripikPeanuts and potato crisps in a dry caramel chilli sauce
Sambal BlachanChillies cooked with shrimp paste served at your table

Choice from a selection of desserts of the day

£26.95+ (Discretionary 10% service charge)

(Vegetarian and Fish version of the Rijsttafel are available on request.)